Partitura Web Services is the developer of the MuFORS - Music Festival Online Registration and Scheduling System.

Music Teacher Associations and other musical organizations have, in the past, manually registered and scheduled hundreds of students each year for music festivals and competitions. The MuFORS system was developed to replace this time consuming and error prone task.

The MuFORS system consists of two parts. The online registration program is used by teachers to register their students using an easy and intuitive interface. The registration program keeps a list of all the students of a particular teacher stored in the database so each teacher need only enter student names once. The system calculates fees, allows the teacher to specify a morning or afternoon preference for each student (if needed) and allows the teacher to link siblings so that they will be scheduled together. Depending on the how the festival parameters have been set, the teacher is able to enter repertoire and duration for each student, or choose from a list of required or suggested repertoire. The system can also be used to register students for state theory tests.

view screenshot of students page
view screenshot of registration page

The administrative portion of the system includes modules to add festivals (so they are available for registration), add and delete teachers, email teachers, and the scheduler. The scheduler is able to schedule hundreds of students into multiple rooms on multiple days according to grades or user defined levels (if necessary), instruments (if necessary) and fulfill the AM/PM requests and sibling-together requests. Each room can have its own "pad" - extra time allotted between each student to allow the judge to write comments. If necessary, the administrator can place students manually at specific times in order to meet special needs. The automated scheduler completes all this work in only seconds!

Because the scheduler is so efficient, it can easily be used for "what if" scenarios. You can try your scheduling with a certain number of rooms and set start and end times, and see how well it works. When the administrator of the festival is satisfied with the schedule, one click posts the schedule to the web. After the scheduling is completed, all teachers can then use the web to view the times that have been set for their students. Comprehensive reports (schedule by room, by teacher, etc) are available for the administrator

MuFORS is a sophisticated software package that is specifically designed to meet the needs of music teachers faced with the daunting task of administering music festivals. Partitura Web Services offers the complete MuFORS service for a fee of $100.00 per festival. Discounts are available for music teacher organizations with small numbers of teachers and students.